To tell a story... use the Audionetic human powered audio players for the public space. 

We turn information into an interactive experience.

"Informative, educational, exciting and relaxing"

We help you upgrade your park, promenade, historical site or city to an Interactive experience!

Audio is a great medium for interpretation and education. We assist parks, museums, cities and other organisations with the development of exciting stories. Our strength is the combination of attractive innovative audio devices with powerful educational stories.  

Imagine a walking trail through a city or village, where interesting, fun stories offer something extra at different locations. A spoken story with sound effects is so much more fun than a written sign or text panel. The Audionetic makes an impact on your visitors, regardless their age or background. 

Almost nobody likes a wall of text, only a few visitors will read your written signs. Not so with the Audionetic! With our interactive audio players 99% of the people will listen to the exciting stories. Hear the dino's fighting, the old monk talking with the young monk, the artist explaining about the sculpture. The possibilities are endless!

 Would you like to attract more visitors to your site who stay longer?

You offer a very unique location with many interesting features. It can be an old castle, a park, a walking trail through an old city or any other interesting location. You would like to attract more visitors and make sure people spend more time at your site. The challenge is to show your visitors the true beauty of your place. Of course you can hand out a brochure to your visitors but will they read it? Another possibility is to use human guides, but that takes a lot of logistic affords and the costs are high and continuously. Many places use visual signs, but again, who is reading these signs, especially in our time? And think of kids, how can you tell them the stories of your place?

 This is your challenge:

Attract more and repeating visitors to your location who like to stay longer.

Turn the information about your site into an exciting experience for kids and adults.

Find a solution with a one time investment , and minimum maintenance.

So how do you tell  interesting stories at your site, without spending money on  human resources?

You know those enthusiastic guides who excite visitors with interesting, engaging stories? Guides who are so talented with the gift of storytelling that visitors come back over and over again? These guides are rare to find. And visitors will only be served when the guides are there and it costs lots of money to hire experienced guides.

What you're looking for is the power of storytelling, but without the logistic hassle and without continuous costs. Imagine that you can excite your visitors with powerful stories whenever people visit your site. And even better, imagine that your visitors can hear the knights fighting, the sounds of the steam train or listen to a talking butterfly.

What you need is a solution with an one time investment, which will work for years to come and will turn your location into an exciting, interactive attraction! 

Your solution: the Audionetic human powered audio players!

Turn your information into an exciting experience with an one time investment

The Audionetic outdoor audio players don't need any external electricity and engage your visitors with exciting stories! Our audio players are beautifully designed and will immediately attract the attention of your  visitors. The moment the visitor spins the wheel or steps on the foot pedal, the story promptly starts to play.

Both kids and adults like to activate these installations and are fascinated by the stories and the sound effects. You can offer in various languages or different stories for children and adults and it is very easy to change the content, for example adjusting the story to the season of the year. With the Audionetics you make a one time effort which will give your visitors an amazing experience for years to come! 

  • The Audionetic turns information into an experience
  • Very low maintenance and highly vandal resistant
  •  Very easy to change the stories
  • No external electricity needed; the user generates the electricity by himself
  • Multiple languages in one installation possible
  • Attractive visual design

Different Audionetics in any style and for any location! 

All our installations are human powered, no external electricity needed. It is always easy to change the audio content. Choose a model that fits your location or consult with us for a custom solution.

Audionetic Pole

Our well known Audionetic Pole, with thousands of installations worldwide. The tube can be beautifully designed according to your wishes.


Put a QuizPole at the end of a trail of Audionetics and let your visitors test their knowledge of what they just learned. Both kids and adults love quizzes!


The StoryBall is great for kids. With a sublime sound the StoryBall can also be used to play music. The StoryBall is easily accessible for kids in wheelchairs. 


The AudioSense can be mounted on any wall. The AudioSense does not only play excellent audio, but it has an option to produce a smell of your choice as well!


The QuizWall offers different exciting games to test the knowledge of your visitors. The QuizWall can also be used as an regular audio information point with different stories.

Audionetic Spin

The Audionetic Spin is available in steel, wood or concrete. On top of the column there is space for a visual. The Audionetic Spin fits any location.

Kinetic Wheel

The Kinetic Wheel has a steering wheel in different models: boat, airplane, truck or train. Spin the wheel will hear audio clips full of experiences!

Audio Bench

The Audio Bench is a unique bench designed for the public space. By simply sitting on it and swinging back and forth, stories or music will start playing!

Custom Design

If you need a bespoke solution we'll work with you to realize a custom design Audionetic. We also supply Audionetic kits which you can built in yourself into any construction.

Completely sustainable because of the 'human power' and indestructible quality

The energy required for playing an audio fragment is created by the users themselves by spinning a wheel or steer or stepping on a foot pedal. Therefore the Audionetic is completely sustainable and can be used even in the midst of a natural environment. No external electricity is needed and the Audionetic does not contain any batteries!

Anything that is located in the public space must meet strict quality standards and needs to be practically indestructible. The technology of any Audionetic installation is built into a vandalism proof construction. Of course the Audionetic's are suited for any weather, resistant against water, snow and sun.  

Advantages of the Audionetic Installations: 

Human powered

All Audionetic products make use of human powered energy. The installations don't need external electricity and don't use batteries.

100% Safe

Our products products are 100% safe. All Audionetic installations are  tested and certified for the public space. 


Most of our products are accessible for people with special needs, for example wheelchair users or people with hearing disabilities.

Minimum Maintane

The Audionetic products need very low maintenance. Some installations are even maintenance free!

Vandal resisted  

We use very strong materials in order to ensure top quality.  The Audionetic products are highly vandalism resistant.

Optional Time Clock

All our installations have an option for a build in time clock to disable use at night.​ No complaints about noise, even in living neighborhoods.

We also help you to create amazing, exciting stories

Our company will not only supply you with our Audionetic installations but we'll assist you in realizing amazing stories. Like you know: 'Content is King'. You can have a very attractive and practical audio installation, the most important thing is the story it plays.

Our team is specialized in creating fascinating stories and producing the audio including amazing effects in any language. You provide us with the information, we turn this into engaging stories. Of course you can also produce the stories by yourself or work together with a local studio. Technically, all the Audionetic needs is a regular MP3 file. 

Listen to some sample stories

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The Liberation Route Europe - The Netherlands, Germany

The Liberation Route Europe is a continuously growing, international remembrance trail, connecting important milestones of modern European history. Liberation Route Europe links the main regions along the advance of the Western Allied Forces.

Especially for the Liberation Route 21 custom Audionetics were designed made from corten steel and concrete. Of course these special Audionetics are human powered too which is a great advantage because  the Liberation Route has information points in the middle of the nature where no external electricity is available. See for more information on this project.

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Seeing is believing

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"Good storytelling is all about making things which happen't in the past alive again”