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How does it work?
Imagine an attractive QuizWall, offering exciting quizzes to your visitors!  Super bright illuminated pushbuttons and digital sound quality makes the QuizWall an attractive installation for both adults and kids.

The robustness allows installation at unattended locations. Like all our installations, the QuizWall is 'human powered' and does not need any external electricity.


Everybody loves quizzes! Using voice, audio effects and lights, the QuizWall offers engaging quizzes about the subject of your choice. In addition, the QuizWall stimulates movement and contributes to an improved condition and coordination. Not only interactive and healthy but also a whole lot of fun.

Regular audio information point

Besides using the QuizWall for exciting quizzes, it is also perfect for regular audio information stories. Just push a button an listen to one of eight stories. 

Audio information point
Audio information post

Technical Data

Audience:                6+
Certification:           EN1176
Width:                      2650 mm
Diameter:               1160 mm
Weight:                   45 kg
User friendly:         √
Registration use:   √
Human powered:  √
Audiovisual:           √
Time lock:               optional


Audionetic offers 3 years full guarantee on its products, except normal 'wear & tear'. The construction - all not-moving parts - is guaranteed for 7 years. Within the guarantee period Audionetic supplies spare parts for free, not including transportation costs or installation. Damage and malfunction caused by vandalism, improper use or neglect of maintenance are excluded from the guarantee.