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Outdoor audio player

How does it work?

Spin the wheel and energize the KineticWheel. You will (randomly) hear an audio clip full of experience. All three of the steering wheel variants can be combined with any story. Always wanted to be a pilot? Sail the seas like a pirate? Experience the feeling of a driver in the cockpit? It’s all possible by using the KineticWheel. These steering wheels give endless possibilities for heritage interpretation. The KineticWheel comes with a wooden steering wheel.

Outdoor Audio player
Outdoor Audio player

Technical Data

Audience: 3+

Certification: NEN EN1176-1:2008​

Height: 1000mm

Width: 300 mm

Weight: 42 kg

Outdoor Audio player


Audionetic offers 3 years full guarantee on its products, except normal 'wear & tear'. The construction - all not-moving parts - is guaranteed for 7 years. Within the guarantee period Audionetic supplies spare parts for free, not including transportation costs or installation. Damage and malfunction caused by vandalism, improper use or neglect of maintenance are excluded from the guarantee.