Audio information point 

Engaging information everywhere

An Audionetic is an audio point especially developed for public spaces. Just imagine: a walking route through a city or a village where a speaking post is available at interesting locations which offers a clearly understandable explanation. Or a long queue for an attraction which shortens the waiting time by means of music or telling a story. These and many more are the options of an Audionetic. Educating, informative, relaxing & exciting.

What makes the Audionetic an unique audio information point?

  1. Custom design, including full color photo realistic sublimation on steel. 
  2. No need for external electricity
  3. Content easy to update by usting regular USB tick and MP3 files.
  4. Option to offer choice of diffrent content items
  5. Multi Language options
  6. Auto switch-off after 5-10 seconds of inactivity
  7. 100% ecological
  8. Low maintenance.
  9. Excellent audio quality
  10. Text alternative for people with hearing disabilities.
  11. User statistics.
  12. Build-in clock to disable use at night.

Additional information

    Safety zone should be at least 150 cm.

    Audio information Point

Audience: 4+

Certification: NEN EN1176-1:2008

Height: 908 mm

Diameter: 300 mm

Weight: 23 kg

Did You Know...

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